• Unmasking the Soul: A Coming Home to Self (Part I) with Anumani Eileen Santos

    Friday, May 11th, 5pm-9pm

    Do you wake up every day excited and passionate about what you do and how you do it? If not, then perhaps you haven’t yet found your purpose and reason for being. Understanding who you are and why you’re here is the key ingredient to creating a joyful and prosperous life. There are divine gifts (cosmic superpowers) that are inherent to your being. These cosmic superpowers are the things that you can do, only in the way that you
    can. When you discover what these are for you, your life will never be the same again.

    In this workshop, we begin your journey of COMING HOME to SELF in Stage 1 (Truth) of the Unmasking Your Soul journey. Anümani guides you to your best self as we begin to unmask and activate the 4 chambers of light in this stage, including: Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Worthiness, and Divine Truth.
    In this workshop, you’ll experience:
    Direct messages from your Soul through Anümani’s exclu- sive Soul Art oracle paintings.
    Ishtar, a consciousness channeled by Anümani, who will guide you in meditation and bring forth healing vibrations of love to dissolve whatever is in the way of your highest Self.
    Soul (light) language channeled by Anümani that will dis- solve the old and awaken YOU to a deeper part of your SOUL self.

    Workshop Benefits for You

    An understanding of what’s holding you back from your most brilliant and best SOUL self.
    Releasing of energy blockages, old patterns, past life issues and activation of the 4 chambers of light: Divine Love, Divine Power, Divine Worthiness, and Divine Truth.
    A deeper connection with your Divine Self and Soul so you can access a deeper understanding of your mission on this earth and your reason for being.
    A deeper embodiment of who you really are (your reason for being) and awakening of your divine gifts so you can make choices that bring you joy and align with why you’re here.

    While Anümani spent the first half of her life in the corporate world, first as an electrical engineer, then as a management consultant after receiving her MBA from Columbia University, and finally as an executive for a non-profit organization, all that changed for her in 2003.

    While on the outside she seemed very successful and happy, that was far from the truth. She had become an expert at wearing masks and her insides were in turmoil. Deep down something was missing from her life; it felt like her Soul was calling her back home.

    In October of 2003, Anümani had a mystical dream that awak- ened her to that deeper calling. This was the beginning of her own journey of self-discovery and unmasking of her Soul, leading her to a deeper purpose in life as an artist, author, musician, shaman, speaker, and coach. She now works with transformational leaders, messengers, and healers to help them understand their reason for being and bring their gifts and Soul’s genius into the world.

    pre-registration: $55
    at the door:$65

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  • Nia FreeDance

    monthly every 2nd Sunday
    May 13th
    June 10th

    Nia FreeDance: An unstructured conscious dance experience, rediscover the joy of movement creativity. Come express, release, sweat and heal!
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  • reiki
  • reiki share

    MONTHLY on Fridays
    May 18th
    June 15th

    All experience levels welcome!

    class cards accepted

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  • kids yoga
  • kid’s Corner

    monthly on Saturdays
    April 28th
    May 12th
    June 9th

    Kid’s Corner is a special day for kids of all ages! The day will begin with a kid’s yoga class so everyone can get their wiggles out! Then we will join our 8-year-old resident chef, Kaia, for a cooking class for kids! We will conclude with craft making so everyone can have something special to bring home!

    Pre-registration: $25
    At Door: $30

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  • Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra with Iris Humm

    Friday, April 27th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

    A gentle yoga practice linking movement with breath. We will begin with breath awareness and continue to bring awareness back to the breath throughout the practice. Some restorative poses may be incorporated. We will finish with a guided meditation during svasana called yoga nidra. Appropriate for complete beginners and those looking for a mind/body experience.
    All experience levels welcome!

    Drop-in: $13
    Class cards accepted

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  • Essential Oils I: Supporting Birth, Death, Grief, & Trauma


    Explore the many possibilities of essential oils!

    Learn how to support some of life’s most challenging moments with the proper use and application of essentials oils. We will cover: how to choose/detect high quality oils, which oils best support each situation, dilution, diffusion, anointing, and Vita-flex points.

    pre-registration: $50
    at door: $65

    Online scheduling