Founder and Director

Megan is a certified holistic health counselor, naturopathic practitioner, healing diets counselor, medicinal aromatherapist, Reiki practitioner, yoga teacher, birth and post-partum doula, Vedic Thai massage therapist, reflexologist, and access bars practitioner. In practice for over 10 years, Megan is dedicated to helping others to revive and revitalize from the inside out, discover their true nature, and expand to their highest potential.

  • Temple University, 2006
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2006
  • 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2006
  • Vedic Conservatory, 2007
  • School of Natural Medicine, 2010

Megan has been studying and practicing various forms of holistic healing for over 10 years. Inspired by her own suffering to find true health, she sought out a multi-faceted education in the field of natural medicine. Her journey in the healing arts began in the religion department at Temple University where she studied Hindu philosophy, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, and Tantra. Inspired by her studies of yogic texts, Megan could not resist diving deep in to a Hatha yoga practice that, she soon discovered, would heal her body, her mind, and her heart.

In 2004, Megan immersed herself into meditation practices and studies of sacred geometry and metaphysics which led her to become a certified practitioner of Reiki.

In 2006, Megan graduated from Temple University with a B. A. in Psychology and Religion. That same year, she also graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and, also, from her second 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

In 2007, Megan began studying with Michael “Mukti” Buck of the Vedic Conservatory, expanding her yoga and healing arts practice to include Vedic Thai Massage.

In 2010, Megan chose to deepen her education in natural medicine at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, CO. It is here she has studied Naturopathy, Herbology, Iridology, essential oils therapy, Raindrop technique, reflexology, healing diets, flower essences, and sound healing.

In 2012, Megan trained with DONA to become a birth and postpartum doula. As a doula, Megan has found her passion for supporting and offering guidance to pregnant women, new moms, and their families.

Megan is continually blessed with the guidance of many gifted teachers. Some of her greatest influences are William Culley Allen, Renata Gregori, Simon Park, Michael Buck, Brigitte Mars, Farida Sharan, Dharma Mittra, her daughter, Kaia; and every student and client she has ever had the pleasure of practicing with.



Studio Manager

Sara believes not only that everyone can dance, but that dance is a birthright, that unfettered, rhythmic movement is an ancient and fundamental human need. As an amalgamation of physical fitness, mental application, emotional expression and cultural ritual, dance can be an integral part of one’s holistic wellness. Sara’s goal is to offer opportunities for people to dance towards greater wellness.

Sara started dancing at three years old and went on to train in ballet, modern, folk dance and jazz and to perform professionally. She taught aerobics classes for some years subsequently. But her love of dance was reignited when she discovered Body Choir in Austin, Texas, a conscious dance community practicing in the tradition of the late Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms. As a teacher of The Nia Technique for almost twenty years now, she considers her classes to be an onramp to conscious dance in mainstream settings. Sara has continued to train to the level of Nia Black Belt and is also certified to facilitate Moving to Heal and FreeDance class formats. Sara developed and directed a somatic-oriented childcare and an after-school movement and yoga program for children for a wellness center in Santa Fe. With an insatiable curiosity about dance techniques and movement modalities, she has consequently danced everything from Authentic Movement to Gaga/people, from Austin to Zurich.

As a Dance/Movement Therapist in-training, Sara has studied a variety of approaches to movement-as-therapy including developmental, neurobiological and Jungian as well as restorative movement to address trauma. Her instructors have included board-certified Dance/Movement Therapists Nanine Ewing, Amber Gray and Kalila Homann. She is currently enrolled in a graduate counseling program and is supervised by Elizabeth McNamara, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, NCC.

In her capacity as Sunset Moon’s studio manager, Sara brings two decades of traditional professional experience including graphic design, marketing, project and product management and entrepreneurship.


Cafe Manager

Ina first came to the United States in January of 2016. Originally from Albania, Ina speaks three languages fluently and carries a Master’s Degree in Spanish & Communications.

Ina has been with our team since opening day and continues to care for and oversee the everyday operations at Sunset Moon.



Joaquin is a gentle spirit with a fiery soul” His yoga is rich in passion and intention. With his teaching, seeking to spread healing and awakening.

He taught his first yoga class in 2009 and since then he has carried his passion for sharing and love for yoga all over the world. His teaching experience spans through working with people of all walks of life, ages, and conditions.

Joaquin teaches Raja Yoga encompassing: Hatha, Krama Vinyasa, as well as Kundalini Yoga. Classes are dynamic, fun, and deep. They will always include meditation, pranayama, and philosophy. He also loves partner practices like acroyoga and Thai massage. He is currently certified E-RYT 500 and level 2 teacher by See more at



Miranda has been practicing vinyasa yoga for ten years. She received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. Passionate about creating a space of inclusion, Miranda strives to find modifications for every yoga student. She hopes to build connections with students in order to design classes to their needs and goals.


Lori has spent 5 years in Japan practicing and studying Hatha Yoga, Tantra & Ayurveda. As an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Lori has been teaching Yoga for 3 years.


Yizong Bagua Pennsylvania’s Chief Instructor, Dr. Robert Levin O.M.D., has been studying the Chinese Internal Healing and Martial Arts for over 30 years. He is a certified instructor of the Yizong school of Gao style Baguazhang and Hebei style Xingyiquan under Master Luo De-Xiu of Taipei, Taiwan. Master Luo is one of the world’s foremost experts in the Chinese Internal Healing and Martial Arts. Dr. Levin has also had the privilege of studying with some of the last generation of masters in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan while doing research for the Pa Kua Journal magazine. While living in Taipei, Taiwan, Dr. Levin also had the opportunity to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbology and physical therapy, at the Yu Sheng Osteological Clinic under Dr. Lee Chen Yr.

Dr. Levin believes that the Chinese Internal Healing and Martial Arts should be taught without the vague, mysterious shroud that usually accompanies the Western idea of these disciplines. Dr. Levin’s research and practice of the Chinese Healing and Martial Arts, along with his training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutrition, gives him the unique ability to explain internal theory, proper body mechanics, health benefits and fighting theory in a way that is clear and easy to understand.


The practice of yoga found Sami Joy at the ripe age of 16. Having grown up in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading, body awareness was not new to her, but being present and finding her breath was a completely new concept.

The mysticism of yoga drew her in further and further until she completed her first 200-hour teacher training in 2015 and began teaching that same year. In 2016, she trained with Master Andrey Lappa, founder of Universal Yoga, and earned her 300-hour RYT certification. Sami Joy teaches many modalities of yoga, movement and healing including, but not limited to, Aerial Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yin Yoga, AcroYoga, Shiva Nata, Meditation, Chanting and Crystal Bowls.

Her classes are aimed to give students a balanced and complete practice – not just their physical bodies, but energetic bodies as well through asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing) and dhyana (meditation) leading to an extremely deep and restful savasana (final relaxation).


Ilene Rosen loves teaching yoga to children because of the ways it helps them learn, be calm, and have fun! She completed her RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) through Yoga Child, centered in Philadelphia. She also has an RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and is almost finished with a 3-year program to be a CYT (Comprehensive Yoga Therapist.) In addition to being a yogi, Ilene is an educator, writer and editor, parent, and dog-owner.


Matthew Stein is a member of Menlha Center who has been practicing Buddhism for a number of years. Matt presents these thoughtful teachings in a very practical and light-hearted manner.


Namaste, my name is Alyson! I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience! The balance of our body, mind + spiritual bodies is necessary for our optimal health and well-being!

Reiki is a tool that helps to bring balance and alignment back into our lives by channeling divine and earthly energies. I have been practicing Reiki for 3 years and it has been very influential in my life + path. I truly feel called to bring Reiki and healing to others!

I am a Certified Reiki Therapist in both Usui and Kundalini Reiki! I am also a student of David Winston at his Center for Herbal Studies as well as attending IIN for integrative health coaching. I plan to incorporate all 3 modalities to help transform the lives of those I encounter!


Nathaniel Whitmore is an herbalist and shiatsu-shi (acupressure practitioner) who works directly with plants and traditional diagnostic methods. He primarily uses wild herbs (rather than manufactured pills) and also has years of experience growing herbs.

His assessment of health is based on the diagnostic methods of traditional Far Eastern medicine, such as abdominal (hara) diagnosis of shiatsu and pulse assessment of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He has spent years training with Native herbalists and studying Native American medicine. He is regarded as one of the area’s premier experts in the identification and use of wild plants and mushrooms.


Rachel Whitworth started, a site devoted to offering Authentic Relating events of all types throughout the Philly area.

Ever since being introduced to Authentic Relating, she has been inspired to share this work with others, with a desire to deepen the way we all connect with one another. With a love of psychology and meditation along with a background in improv comedy, she brings a powerful mix of creativity, laugher and presence to her events.


Lael Rasch is a Life, Intimacy and Relationship Coach at Bodhi Sacred Sanctuary. She offers private coaching and facilitates ongoing events and workshops in the Phoenixville, Main Line and Philadelphia Areas on Authentic Relating, Compassionate Communication, Conscious Connection, and Sacred Sexuality.