Soft Opening

Special Event! Soft Opening

Soft Opening: 10/28/2016

For the last few months we’ve been building and putting the finishing touches on our superfoods cafe, movement arts studios, and integrative healing center. Megan Kelly started this center to bring healing and wellness to the Main Line, and establish the heart of a truly joyous community. From daily yoga classes with inspirational instructors, to an extensive herb library, to exceptional integrative wellness practices, Sunset Moon is here is guide you to a healthier body and higher consciousness.
When in Doubt, Give.Bjork
As our founder and director, Megan Kelly says, “I keep coming back to this: In life there is only giving. Mother Nature shows us this. In giving, there is no need to take as in giving, you are also given to. This endless giving eradicates greed and perhaps suffering all together. May we all learn to let go of ourselves and give to all that is within and around us. In this practice of giving, may all thirsts be quenched, may all hungers be satiated. May all beings be Blissful and Free! Wishing each one of you Peace and Joy in all of your relations. Aho!” We at Sunset Moon are so looking forward to meeting and growing and learning with all of you!

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