Mainline of Philadelpia’s first all by donation yoga studio!

Sunset Moon Movement Arts Center is Mainline's first all by donation yoga studio!
All weekly and monthly classes are offered by donation.
All workshops and wellness services are offered on a sliding scale.
Scholarships and work trades available. Please inquire in person
To register for classes, please see class listing below.
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Suggested Donations & Sliding Scales


  • Megan Kelly

    Teacher & Founder

    Megan is practiced and certified in many areas of natural medicine including: Holistic Health Counseling, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Iridology, Yoga, Reiki, Access Bars, Vedic Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Birth & Post-partum Doula Support. Located in the heart of of Bryn Mawr, PA, Megan is the proprietor of Sunset Moon Wellness Center: a multi-faceted, zero-waste wellness center offering a full service Superfoods Cafe, a Movement Arts Studio, and Integrative Health Center.

    Having been a teacher since 2005, Megan began her journey in yoga by studying yogic philosophy as a Religion major at Temple University. Her studies of the ancient text inspired Megan to explore a meditation and asana practice. After a short time, it became evident to her that a disciplined yoga and meditation practice would be her best ally in supporting over health and wellbeing. Megan has explored both classical and tantric paths of yoga found in Hindu, Taoist, and Buddhist traditions, and her teaching expands to include vinyasa, hatha, and yin styles, as well as prenatal and postnatal. With over 500+ hours of training and teaching, Megan’s classes are primarily focused on the quality of the breathing, a present and focused mind, and correct postural alignment. Megan’s classes walk a delicate balance between sweetness and surrender, offering a challenging and supportive practice to all experience levels.


  • Matt Stein

    Matthew Stein is a member of Menlha Center who has been practicing Buddhism for a number of years. Matt presents these thoughtful teachings in a very practical and light-hearted manner

  • Rachel Anne

    Rachel Anne has been practicing yoga daily since 2016. She fell in love with the practice and benefits she received once she found the ability to surrender on her mat. In 2018, she realized she wanted to deepen her practice and obtain the gift of teaching. She received her CYT 200 Hour at Dana Hot Yoga in January of 2019, and has been on a mission to teach since. Becoming a yoga teacher has allowed her to be more present and confident, and has had a direct impact on how she shows up in her life today. Rachel is experienced in Ashtanga Yoga, but prefers a slower, meditative, restorative practice that can prove an equal approachable challenge to all level yogis. Rachel is expanding her studies with Trauma and Recovery Yoga, and hopes to be able to create a welcoming, safe environment to those who haven’t yet found solace in their bodies and minds.